I want to write you a handwritten letter!

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about letters. Not just the ones in the alphabet but the ones people used to put in envelopes and send to other people by some person in a uniform. Last month while working on a new print (pictured above), I was reminded about the time when I was 14 and I found my mom and my Aunt’s letters that they sent to my grandmother while they were in college. I remember how they were all neatly kept together, tied with string and the way the paper felt, not to mention their impeccable handwriting (courtesy of Catholic school I presume). I couldn’t help but think that all the letters (or emails I should say) I sent to my mom are sitting in some anonymous server, on the interwebs. 

With all that said, I want to write letters to my friends to do my part in keeping the art of handwritten letters alive. But I’m not going to write you a letter about the weather or what I did last weekend, I will actually draw you a letter (you know, like, from the alphabet). Who are these friends who will recieve handwritten letters? You of course! Just enter your address in the participate page and the letters will be mailed in the order entries are received. I will write a letter a day for the next 365 days. The letters on Sundays and holidays will be sent the following mail day. Each day I will post an image of the letter that was sent out on the blog, so check back daily.  

Display your letter as a reminder to pick up the pen yourself and write to someone you love. And no I don’t mean sending an email in a handwriting font. 

Click here to participate and I look forward to writing you all letters soon!

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