Mary Kate McDevitt - Handwritten Letters

My name is Mary Kate McDevitt and I’m an illustrator and hand letterer living and working in Portland, OR. Handwritten Letters is a daily project where I commit to writing a handwritten letter everyday for the next year (or more) in hopes of either getting myself in the habit of writing letters to my friends and family or getting other people wanting to write letters. I won’t send you a letter where I tell you how funny my cat is or what I ate for breakfast, instead I will draw you a letter (you know, like, from the alphabet). You can display or keep as a reminder to pick up a pen yourself and write to someone you love. Each day I will post the letter that was sent on the blog, so be sure to subscribe and check back everyday.

All you have to do to participate in Handwritten Letters is enter your address here (I will not share your address with anyone) and pass the word along via twitter and subscribe to the blog.

The letters will be drawn in alphabetical order and sent to the participants in the order entries are received. I’m afraid I can’t take requests for letters or styles, but I can assure you that your letter will be awesome.  

I look forward to writing you a letter soon!

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